Monday, February 13, 2017

Take on the smug smile

While both his and Abe's inner circles were frantically looking for cell phones to illuminate the super secret intel about the latest North Korean provocation, our Dear leader sat back and took it all in, like a mentally challenged six year old. I get that not every president handles a crisis quite the same, Obama liked to listen, Reagan went to his advisors, Herbert drew on his experience from the CIA, W liked to color and Bubba told the girl under the table to go faster, so it's not surprising that Trump has his own way. Trump takes the opportunity to marvel at the curtains and carpeting and cutlery at Mar-a-Lago and thinks about the impromptu speech to a newlywed couple in the main ballroom 100 feet away.
A campaign which was punctuated with "lock her up" chants because of Hillary's questionable use of classified materials, now put their own classified information spread on the table right over the lobster bisque and the peppers with anchovies, so they could read it clearly. Didn't seem to matter that waiters were refilling water glasses and club members were taking photos, because Trump is Trump and the rules only apply to other people.

Great job America


Mr. R. Lee said...

Trump looks like Rain Man in that photo.

Except more autistic. He has gone full retard.

Righetti said...

It wouldn't shock me if that were true. He's certainly a sycophant, a narcissists, and an egomaniacal man-child