Monday, February 20, 2017

Take on Milo

When I first heard of Milo Yiannopoulos it was as part of the Alt-Right movement and I just assumed he was some right wing Greek guy as part of a new age of neofascism pushing across Europe. I read a few things he wrote, saw a few news pieces, watched the protests at Berkeley and just assumed he was the face for neo-right with Steve Bannon as the brains. A libertarian with an ability to get under your skin, a more vocal Peter Thiel if you must. Not until I saw him on Bill Maher did it become clear that this was nothing of the sort, after 10 minutes I turned to my wife and said "this has to be shtick, right?" I mean, he was so clearly trolling both the liberals and the conservatives with his over the top Borat thing, that nobody could take him seriously, yet everybody does. Even Maher seemed in on it. If Bannon is pure evil, Miller is sadistic, then Yiannopoulos is the smartest man in the room because he's pulled on over everybody. He's a more ridiculous Colbert, he's an actor plays a flamboyant European transplant with a ridiculous Greek last name with more vowels than a Sesame Street episode and says the most outrageous thing and then tops it with another, and people are up in arms

Today all the talk will be about his pedophilia thing, and as repugnant as that is, I have to believe that's just all part of the act. Performance art designed to elicit a powerful emotion all on the unsuspecting minds of the GOP and their freedom of speech caucus. I get that it all comes across as bizarre but that makes it all the more perfect, an act so over the top that you can only shriek in defiance. This is Skip Bayless, this is The Iron Sheik, this is Sacha Baron Cohen at his absolute best and everybody is freaking the hell out which is exactly the goal

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Mr. R. Lee said...

I really tried not to post a comment on this topic because I don't want to give that obvious troll any more attention than he has already garnered.

But I fucking hate that guy.