Friday, February 3, 2017

Take on Bowling Green Massacre

We often take life for granted, spending more time buried in our iPhones than enjoying the setting sun or listening to the crashing waves. We are always in a hurry, always trying to improve our lot but never appreciating what we do have.

But when imaginary people in a real city lose imaginary lives we take notice. They didn't stand chance when an imaginary boogieman gunned them down under the name of Radical Islamic Extremism (either that or some white supremacist thing, it's kind of hard to keep track) but what they don't know is that our resolve is stronger than hate, bigger than fear and more potent than that green stuff they add to sushi.

But today we remember those who were not lost, those who still breath the air and those who will still have the opportunity to have children whose childhood they can still ruin. These are people who woke up one morning and didn't ask to meet their Maker and for once their wishes were granted and for that they should be thankful, whoever they are or aren't

During this time of national mourning, we ask that all citizens (legal residents should too unless you are some weird Muslim and illegals then please in with your local immigration officer). We ask that rightful citizens and white legal residents please, in solidarity put down your pens and editorials and blogs and come together to heal. We know this country sometimes divides us, and we know that when it does, we are weaker for it and we all know that when we come together and heal we are better for it. So today we come together to honor the victims of the tragedy that wasn't and ask us all to turn around and hug your neighbor, unless your neighbor is some weird child toucher type, then please punch them in their jaw.

America is more than guns and church and apple pie and crappy ABC comedies, America is goodness, it's pushing the little guy down so you can reach you goals, it's deregulation, it's a bunker mentality, it's isolationism, it's Wall Street and SuperFunds, and not just the ones that pay for 50 tons of PCP's dumped into the Hudson.

Our country is about crashes and bubbles and explosions and balloons and it's heart and soul and soul food and Chinese food (we are ok to keep them, I think) and it's you, so today we stand together for everything that is true and right and white

Let us pray

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Mr. R. Lee said...

Kellyanne has the pockmarked face of a longtime alcoholic or serious drug addict. I am not surprised she cannot keep her lies straight and has resorted to referring to fantasyland when backed into a corner.