Saturday, February 18, 2017

Take on Trump's survey

Trump's Make America Great Again, Again committee put out a survey to poll Americans on the levels of bias in the Main Stream Media and it reads as if The Donald himself wrote it.  Long gone are the days of policy defended in long form, it now has to fit nearly into 140 characters for our president because he can't keep his attention for much more than that.   Well the survey is another doozie, with questions like

There are so many double negatives in this thing that you can't even fill it out quickly because every question reads like. Do you not like the person who you hate more than the person who you only sort of hate?     I'm sure that after this stupid survey gets passed around the country, Big Don will not like the findings of it, because it's hard to convince a country a country that they have an enemy when that enemy is the only sensible voice in the room. 
Anyway, fill it out and sign it Eric Trump 

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Mr. R. Lee said...

I signed mine as Jared Kushner, zip code 10103, and email address as (Jared's PR guy).

Amusing how Jared's business address is 666 5th Avenue, a building the Kushner family owns.