Saturday, February 4, 2017

Take on the separation of powers

I remember sitting in civics class in the eight grade and learning about the Separation of powers to limit each of the three branches from concentrating power. The division of responsibilities is designed to limit any one branch from encroaching on the functions of the others limiting the legislative branch to writing the laws, the executive branch from enforcing it and judicial branch from interpreting the laws. But somehow our president has decided that he is going to throw it all out the window and demand that everybody listen to what he wants and if they defy him, he'll break all the toys and scream until his mom comes out.

Lucky us


Mr. R. Lee said...

He also doesn't know who Frederick Douglass is, his press secretary doesn't know what is, and his education secretary doesn't know anything at all, period.

The Trump administration is affirmative action for dumb white people.

Righetti said...

So much for the best and the brightest