Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Take on the Trump Pie Chart

The failing and very unfair Washington Post put out a very biased poll today which took their eye off the prize and ignored Trump's landslide victory and complete mandate. Well it was sort of silly but, at least, it was sort a nice distraction from our Dear Leader shoving his tiny foot in his gigantic mouth. The pie chart showed how Trump presumable spent his first 744 hours, the most striking thing was of course that he spent about 75% less time on Intelligence Briefings than he did on golf and we know that at least 15 minutes on briefings was done while lobster bisque was being served at Mar-a-Lago. Most people are upset about this, especially in light of Trump's constant trolling of Obama's golfing while president but I'm not one of them. I'd like to see Trump at golf every single day, preferably at Andrews Air-force Base which is a hop, skip and a jump (and a helicopter ride) away from The White House, instead of the $3 million dollar weekend jaunts down to Florida. I mean what sane person would care if he plays golf, it only means he can spend that much less time messing thing up. I could see a bunch of Trumpettes being upset because it would take time away from repealing Obamacare, building walls, starting wars, breaking treaties, undermining alliances, exiting trade deals and every other horrible thing he wants to do.

From the official tally, it sounded like Obama played 333 rounds of golf while president, which is nothing compared to Woodrow Wilson's 1200 or Ike's 800 rounds.

Trump is at 6 or something, so he has some serious catching up to do

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Mr. R. Lee said...

Trump looks more and more like John Daly with every passing day.