Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Take on the Valentines Day Massacre

I've been thinking of ranking the Trump inner circle from most dangerous to least and it was a doozy but today my job got a little easier

Michael Flynn was on top of the list, either right in front or right Steve Bannon and nobody wants to be that close to that stinking pile of human flesh. Stephen Miller is up there but his youth gives him a chance for redemption although he seems like a complete wacko.

Kellyanne Conway is more sleazy than dangerous and she'll be gone before the weekend and Spicer is just a doofus who is going to get minimized shortly. Priebus is just a suit, so I'm not that worried about him either. But Michael Flynn had that camp groundskeeper with a hacksaw look in his eyes and that was probably the best part of him. This guy is certainly a hypocrite, possibly a traitor and likely a criminal (lying to the FBI). The only question now is if he is covering for his boss and complicit in obstruction.

If the DoJ told Trump about this on January 26th and then Trump sent Pence out a week later to tell Chuck Todd that all was good without Pence knowing, then who is bludgeoning who? Pence either knew and lied or was not told the truth and made to look like a schmuck claiming now he found out about it when the Washington Post went to print.

But the fact that he might be compromised didn't bother Trump because Trump is probably compromised if the dossier has any truth to it. Why else has he gone after every solid ally we have (Australia, Mexico, NATO) and has been softer on Russia than his own soft belly

Either way we need an investigation because the ties to Russia are deep and dangerous although asking our elected officials to put country over party is about as likely as having Trump replace Flynn with Gandhi

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Mr. R. Lee said...

There is food in my refrigerator that has lasted longer than Flynn did on the job.