Sunday, December 4, 2016

Take on the Trump-SNL feud

Everybody agrees that our president elect is a thin skinned man, one who sees every perceived slight as a personal insult needed to be addressed. Whether it is Rosie or The New York Times, he goes on a complete rampage whenever there is even a small criticism. But nothing is more bizarre than his anger towards Saturday Night Live, an NBC franchise which has lived through, and critiqued presidents from Ford to Bush and from Reagan to Obama. But our President-Elect just won't stand for it and has been going on total twitter rampages attacking Alec Baldwin's impression and of course the Lame Stream Media is up in arms.
But nobody seems to remember that Trump has a long relationship with NBC and Universal and it wouldn't shock me if this 'feud' is completely fabricated to help the failing Saturday Night Live get some traction in a post Jon Stewart world. Every complaint he makes, creates stories about the show and rushes hundreds of thousands of people to watch the clips on YouTube. Something tells me this war is anything but...

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