Monday, December 19, 2016

Take on the Trump security team

Reports surfaced on Monday night that the president elect was planning on keeping his own security staff around to protect him, a job which has always fallen upon the secret service. People have already bent themselves into pretzels trying to justify this but it really doesn't make sense and is probably quite dangerous. The logistics of a presidential visit is already a massive undertaking but if you add to that a team of a dozen private contractors l it becomes that much more impossible to manage. What happens when Trumps security detail and the secret service disagree on a threat to his safety, who gives? Does this become a standoff situation to see who blinks first. More importantly or telling, hiring a private security team sounds like the kind of thing that Gaddafi would have done

Although it would make for a good plot line for a ridiculous Arnold Schwarzenegger movie about a breach by a private contracted security team as an attempted overthrow of the government. The twist...although we all assume it originated with the contractors, the inside job actually came from the secret service.

Arnold could use the work

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