Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Take on Linda McMahon

The state of Connecticut wants interested in electing her, so maybe she can serve the country as a whole instead.  Linda McMahon was tapped by Trump to lead the Small Business Administration which is a role which I've never even heard of which, I guess, makes her perfectly qualified.

I mean this woman has led a bunch of steroid driven frat boys to beat each other like they are at a Bills Game so why not put her in charge of a major organization??
But this isn't what bothers me about her.  What bothers me is that she has a terrible haircut which looks like she was sunbathing on the lawn and Vince came by with a lawnmower.   She looks like Suzy Orman's twin sister, if that sister had gotten hit across the head with a folding chair.

Plus she has a weird looking eye

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