Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Take on a rough year

2016 is a few days from being done but it has to be remembered as one of the worst ones for celebrity deaths. The musicians alone are legends, you add to that the greatest boxer, Princess Leia, Gene Wilder and the guy who played R2D2 and it's really been a rough one. You had TV parents Alan Thicke and Florence Henderson

Although I find it a bit disappointing to include people like Zsa Zsa Gabor or that weird looking guy who married Liza Minnelli.

A few we thought were dead already like Abe Vigoda and Gordie How. A few of them were just old like Nancy Reagan, Arnold Palmer and John Glenn and even that old guy from the McLaughlin report but a few of them were actually really young like Jose Fernandez and the girl from the Voice

The issue is that it will only get worse next year as all these baby boomer celebs hit their mid to late sixties, it's inevitable for a bunch more to croak. Plus we are more celebrity obsessed now than ever before, so in fifty years when a bunch of the fat chicks from Housewives in Atlanta or some Kardashian brother kicks the bucket they will have to remembered by somebody

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