Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Take on Rex Ryan Tillerson

TeflonDon tapped Rex Tillerson as America's number one diplomat this morning which seems about a good an idea as putting Rex Ryan in charge of your football team.  

You may not think Rex Ryan should lead the Rams next year and I'm no expert but I'm pretty sure putting the CEO of one of the worlds latest companies who has ties and business interests that do not align with American diplomacy is a hot idea, either

I'm fine with putting business minded people in cabinet jobs, just don't think the SoS is one of those and certainly not with an oil man.  

The only question now is if Rex Ryan is a bigger sham as a defensive guru (Le'veon Bell has wet dreams about his vaunted defense) or if TeflonDon is a bigger one as POTUS

Problem is that one of them only ha to please a bunch of meatheads who body slam each other into burning wooden tables covered in Natty Ice cans while the other is the leader of the free world, but who's counting?

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