Friday, December 9, 2016

Take on Rudy

On 9/12/01, there was no more popular man in the world than one Rudolph Giuliani. He showed courage, strength, resolve and leadership and the world watched in awe as he give us the confidence to rebuild. Yeah, his history with police brutality was a bit much, the fact he was on his way to his third wife while married to his second didn't sit real well and that lisp was annoying but he was our mayor, he was America's mayor and the world was his oyster
The problem was that he kept reading his own press clippings and thought that because people liked him as a mayor, they'd want him as more when really they didn't. Rudy is that weird uncle with the rotten breath who hugs his nieces a bit too long. When he's putting away bad guys or at minimum stopping them from trying to wash your windshield with a dirty newspaper, you love him. But when he wants to come for dinner and talk about himself you come up with an excuse why you are busy.

Well Donald came up with an excuse. Who knows what it was but it probably started here and ended there and went up down and around and at the end Rudy and Newt and Big Chris and Corey and Hope are all hanging out telling war stories of when Trump shoved Jeb! in his locker all fully aware that that locker could have easily had their name written on it...cause they all know it does

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