Sunday, December 11, 2016

Take on the blow up Santa

I'm convinced that when you show up to WhiteTrash heaven there will be a 1992 Nissan Pulsar parked on the lawn surrounded by a bunch of Coors Lite cans, a hot-tub plugged into an outlet using one of those big orange extension cords, a bunch of huge blow up Santas spliced off of the same extension cord and a Trump/Pence sign to boot
Nothing brings property value down more quickly than tackiness and nothing exemplifies tackiness like those blow up Christmas decorations. They are like fake trees expect worse. They take no effort which should tell you they suck because nothing spells "I wear sweatpants to the mall" like a giant Rudolph crumpled into a pile of plastic crap at 8am when your automatic timer turns off

Do us all a favor and put a little effort into the holidays and spread a little holiday cheer without the entire place looking like BounceU!

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