Saturday, December 3, 2016

Take on the third party

I'm not 100% sure what Jill Stein stands for but I'm pretty sure it's mostly Jill Stein. Maybe they Green Party stands for going green with wind turbines and recycling programs. Or maybe it's all about Mary Jane, but either way it is not at all a relevant party. The Libertarians are only slightly better even if their leader couldn't tell Aleppo from Aladdin. Ross Perot was sort of interesting the first time before he got that bumbling old guy who could t hear the questions.
I get that third party candidates have virtually no voice in our national elections which sounds troubling at its face but might not be. The problem is in a representative democracy, if there were three viable candidates, it's entirely possible and very likely that we would have elections where none of the candidates get 270 electoral votes. In this case the House of Representatives gets to choose the next president with each of the fifty states having a single vote for the top three candidates in terms of electoral votes. As much as our 'democracy' feels like a sham now, imagine that. Each state has he exact same weight and a bunch of lunatic politicians not talented enough to become senators get to choose for us, Jesus kill me.

Maybe get rid of the electoral college but with three or more candidates you will never get any of them to get a majority of voters, so your president will be representing a vote of around 40% which means that 60% of the electorate wouldn't have wanted her. So that kind of sucks, too. You wind up getting these sloppy behind the scenes coalitions with backhanded deals and cronyism at best and no government at all at worse, which might not be that bad.

So until we are ready to rip up the constitution and come up with a completely different method of voting for president, I'm not sure they really need a platform, cause in theory it sounds enticing but in practice it sounds like they will bring more mess than they are worth

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