Saturday, December 31, 2016

Take on new Toys for Tots idea

Every year our office building, a couple of weeks before Christmas put out a huge toys for tots box. They ask for unopened toys for underprivileged kids which sound like, and probably is, a great cause. By the end of the drive the box is pretty full and somebody takes it and hopefully delivers it to a bunch of needy kids in housing complexes or homeless shelters but I was thinking of how this entire thing could be 100x bigger..if they put that same box out right after Christmas, they'd need three pickups per day. My kids get so much useless crap for the holidays, it is just insane. Most of it isn't nice and definitely isn't necessary but people feel this need to give crap to other peoples kids
Luckily we have a mutual disarmament agreement with our closest friends, which wasn't always this way but still between family, random friends and neighbors and a bunch of other people, the vast amount of garbage we get is just ludicrous. We have one family member who will remain nameless who basically dropped and entire Toys R Us aisle onto the laps of my kids. Board games they'll never play, puzzles they'll never open, coloring books that won't ever get used along with boxes of crappy Chinese made plastic toys which now defines American un-exceptionalism.
I took every one of these unopened and dump them onto the stoop of GoodWill because poor kids need crappy battery draining, lead paint covered, poorly constructed plastic toys, too.

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