Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Take on the Trump Dream Team

Retired Lieutenant Michael Flynn will likely become Trump's National Security Advisor which is about as reassuring as putting Swiper the Fox in charge of rationing. Flynn might be decorated for his service, but what he sees "news" as plain wall decoration. Throw as much propaganda at the wall and hope some of it sticks. For all the valor and smarts that Mattis would bring, Flynn would bring the opposite. I do not intend on knocking every Trump nomination, just the ridiculous ones like the rumored Palin one or the out of place ones like Carson for HUD. I'd be fine with Huntsman or his alter ego Romney at State, I'd be less interested in John Bolton although maybe his brother Michael wouldn't be terrible. I like Mattis as head of the pentagon, Priebus as Chief of Staff seems harmless although Bannon is a wackadoodle. I'm not thrilled with the two Trump boys being involved as they are just dumb horny frat boys. Ivanka might be ok as she seems somewhat sensible but she'll bring nothing but conflict and Kushner is at least bright although probably is right of Netanyahu on Israel. Wilbur Ross might be ok as commerce secretary although I assume he looks like Wilfred Brimley who coincidently is another Latter Day Saint. Betsy DeVos is a lunatic, Nikki Halley kind of reminds me of Nikki Cox in a good way. I can't figure out how to pronounce the Mnuchin guy's name but it looks phonetically like a crappy town in Jersey. Jeff Sessions is an awful human and is such a hick he makes Jeff Foxworthy seem like a metrosexual. Mike Pompeo seems like the kind of guy you get stuck next to at a dinner party and you constantly hope your phone rings so you can pretend it's somebody calling to say that a bus drove over your cat.
I know nothing about Elaine Chow other than she probably shoves a gag-ball in Mitch McConnell mouth as she stands over him wearing crotchless panties and carrying a whip, an image which is now burned into your brain forever.
There is a guy in charge of health who I know nothing about, I'm sure he's fine..or not (update, he's crazy)

Maybe he can put Al Gore on cyber security

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