Monday, December 12, 2016

Take on the cyber hackers

When a man proudly claims that he doesn't use a computer, you can't fault him for not knowing how the mechanics of one works. It certainly sounded like Trump thought that Hillary acidwashing her emails meant he stood in her bathroom pouring a bunch of bleach dumping it on her MacBook.
So you can't totally fault him for thinking that it's impossible to catch a hacker because you can only catch them in the act, as if there is I trail of clues. You can't fault him for not knowing it because nobody really knows how it's done but you can certainly fault him for spreading it out there
But the real question was why weren't we told about this earlier and I think it comes down to one thing...arrogance. Nobody in the big democratic empire ever imagined that Hillary would lose, so they wanted to look like they weren't getting down and dirty

Obama not wanting to look like he was meddling kept the information at bay. The CIA not wanting to look like they were comparing penis sizes with the FBI, kept their finding quiet.
I kind of doubt the Russians really had much of an impact but when the entire election hinges on a few hundred thousand votes in Wisconsin and Michigan and Pennsylvania, anything helps

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