Thursday, December 8, 2016

Take on the Prudential ad

There is a big prudential billboard on 42nd street which you see as your bus crawls into the abyss that is Port Authority. You have plenty of time to stare at it because the traffic moves so slowly that you can literally see people walk fatale than your bus is traveling, so you have a lot of time to look out the window as you dread the rest of your commute, the continuation of your day and the rest of your miserable life.

One sign catches your attention, a sign for Prudential apparently advertising their retirement packages but the sign reads "we spend more time matching socks than planning for retirement". I get that the "we" in this sentence is supposed to be "you" the reader but the cynic reads the "we" as in Prudential which is really not all that comforting a thought if you task them with your life savings.

Might want to bring that back to Don at creative for some rework.

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