Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Take on the bubble pack

Nothing irks me more as a person concerned about the environment than the amount of waste we get when getting things delivered. A Toys R Us package came yesterday and when it shows up I expected it to weigh thirty pounds because it was packed in a 15x15x15 box. I pick it up and find it weighs about as much as the empty version of the box may have. I fire there is probably a pillow inside but instead it's a little lego set wrapped around thirty miles of bubble wrap. I cannot imagine this is at all efficient and it certainly is not good for the environment because what the hell am I going to do with thirty miles of bubble wrap.
I thought about tossing it in the recycling bin except now my entire bin would be full. I could pop them all but probably wake up my kids in the process or I can take them to work to reuse it in our shipping department. I opt for the third option and o w here I sit on an hour and a half bus ride with a bag of bubble wrap on my lap which is about as uncomfortable as sleeping on a plastic bag.

Thanks a lot Toys R Us

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