Saturday, May 28, 2016

Take on the waistline

One thing I will never understand is why a guy who looks like a pear would strive to look more like one. Chris Christie who we last covered as part of a hostage tape, was walking the boardwalk in his beloved New Jersey yesterday and for some inexplicable reason, he did it wearing dress pants hiked up past to his belly button. I'm not fan of heavy dudes but there is something sort of endearing when you see a dude heave his gigantic gut over his belt like Dan Conner but when you see a guy like Big Chris just go with the 52 wide pants and wear it over his belly button it just looks like he is still being tortured by Trump, it is really the only explanation because a dude can't possible be comfortable with both a front and a back wedgie, even if Christie is built like a 60 year old lady.
Surprised he wasn't sporting his Make America Great Again hats

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