Sunday, May 15, 2016

Take on the front page NYT article about Trump's treatment of women

Well I will never get those thirty minutes back. I just spent the better part of a half hour reading the NYT piece about Trump's treatment of women and feel like they should send me my $4 back. I am far from a Trump supporter but this article had absolutely nothing in it that should have surprised anybody.

Trump is a sleaze..check
Trump likes hot chicks..check
Trump want said hot chicks in teeny tiny bikinis..check
Trump probably banged a bunch of Miss Universe contestants..check
Some of those chicks now regret that..check
Trump used his celebrity, power, money and influence in his conquests..check

There was just nothing new in it and nothing remotely surprising, or quite frankly interesting, about the piece and it was put out for the NYT Sunday readership so I doubt you had a lot of Trump supporters who read it and thought.."maybe this guy isn't this mythical defender of women's rights I've been made to believe, well I will not be voting for him anymore and instead will vote for Hillary Clinton because her husband Bill is one who believes in women's equality and would never force unwanted attention upon anybody"

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