Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Take on the Cruz and Kasich suspended campaigns.

I guess we got Trump and it is time to start drinking.  I'm not saying po the champaign but probably would advocate for some bourbon in  dark room.  I actually saw a street vendor today seeking Trump buttons and he was talking to somebody and I overheard him say "I can't we got this guy, this is just crazy, we are all screwed"   this coming from a guy who makes his living selling Trump by bumperstickers and red hats.  I guess what is good for his business is not what how he would vote such is commendable, I guess but either way w got Trump

To be fair as of this publication, John Kasich had not officially dropped out of the GOP race but he might as well make it official when he refused to get into the plane to Oregon today cause Lord knows he had no interest in hanging out Columbus.   But the bigger news was probably Cruz dropping like a wet turd into a overflowing bowl about 20 hours ago.  I will let Politico and the pundits digest his failed campaign but I think it came down to one thing... If both Trump and Cruz were highschool kids, one would be wearing a varsity jacket and the other would be telling the teacher that the varsity jacket wearing guy cheated on the math test.  I guess if we had to put Kasich into the analogy then he would be the fat kid at the cafeteria shoving as many Twinkles in his mouth as humanly possible. 

But anyway, to me the results of the final race were obvious, Cruz is so incredibly unlikable that he never really had a path to the nomination and Kasich looks like he has Tourettes. 

I can't believe I'm saying this but "I'm with her"

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