Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Take on Matt Harvey

Everytl time in his career that Matt Harvey has taken the mound, the city has stopped to watch. For the first few years it was to see an absolute bulldog dominate, then last year it was to see how the pampered baby handled criticism and this year it is just to see how badly the Nationals will beat him. Sportsradio has been calling him out for his weak psyche, lack of mental fortitude and overall disposition but I think this comes down to something more my boy @RNs_playhouse had pointed out, Harvey is one fat slob.

We're all aware that you don't have to be a superb athlete to be an effective pitcher, take Harvey's teammate Bartolo Colon for example whose weight users around three bills yet he still pitches effectively at age 42. The thing is that guys Colon, David Wells and CC Sabathia were always loads and they have perfected their craft by using their girth to their advantage. Harvey looked liked an athlete a few years ago when he was still young and hungry for success, now he's just hungry.
Stay away from the Twinkies and cheese doodles, Matt, and start acting like an athlete

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