Friday, May 20, 2016

Take on the Anthony Mason-Biggie Smalls- Fat Joe bizarre love triangle

For years there were rumors of which NY Knick Biggie Smalls was referencing in his "I got a story to tell" song released posthumously. Everybody sort of assumed the lame ass Knick who allegedly got robbed by Biggie at gun-point after the fat man banged the Knicks girlfriend was Charles Smith or Patrick Ewing because whoever it was came across as a total loser.
Well Fat Joe outed the unknown Knick last week on some lame sportstalk in Miami and to everybody's surprise it was Anthony Mason, the second biggest badass on the Knicks. A guy who was a hustler in his own right and one who nobody would want to meet in a dark alley...but I guess if you have a story to tell, you better make it a good one and holding Chris Dudley or Greg Anthony at gunpoint doesn't exactly have the same effect.

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