Monday, May 2, 2016

Take on Ted Cruz's take on Caitlyn Jenner

In a few days when he loses Indiana and drops out of the GOP race -and hopefully our lives- for good, Ted Cruz will need to figure out what to do with himself. Maybe he will pick mahjong or maybe he will start knitting but either way he should do something because I would hate to see him planning for a revival in 2020. I guess he'll probably go back to Washington licking his wounds and spend time lunching with some of his old buddies like a Marco Rubio and Rand Paul but we all know that this won't fulfill poor Ted's insatiable need to be a prick. What Ted will need is an outlet, something that he can use to speak to his people. What Ted Cruz needs is a blog and I got just the name for it
Just today he decided to go all in with his transgender bathroom position and singled out Caitlyn Jenner. His argument was that allowing transgender people to use the ladies room opens up the possibilities that sexuall predators could find ways to get into a girls bathroom in a Chucky Cheese's even if the had been no evidence that this is a major or even a minor problem. My argument to his "grown men shouldn't be in the bathroom with little girls" argument is that maybe grown men shouldn't be in the bathroom with any little kid, there are just as many perverts who pray on little boys as little girls. I sure wouldn't want a Catholic priest in the bathroom with one of my friend's sons or my nephew.

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