Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Take on Mitt's Never Trump campagin

Well that didn't last long!!
Mittens Romney, the star of a couple of failed presidential campaigns and the son of another failed presidential hopeful has somehow failed again as he tried to drum up support for a third party candidate. This was always odd with a desire to throw over the GOP coming from the most established guy from the establishment.

Not only did his NeverTrump not ever gain any traction it only lasted a week or so longer than Scott Walker's run for president, and was somehow even less successful. This is hard considering Walker went from TOR tournament pick to outcast in about three weeks.

I guess the writing was on the wall when Spencer Zwick, a GOP mega fundraiser and the guy who Romney has called his "sixth son", met with Trump last week to discuss campaign strategy. We always knew that this entire NeverTrump thing for Romney was always just an ego trip with him setting up the stage with his hope that the GOP woikd come begging him to give it over more run for the good of the country. What we all knew was it was a trip nobody wanted to buy a ticket for, we've already seen Kansas City twice, no need to see it again

But give Mitt credit, at some point he had to realize the train was leaving the station and he was gonna be left standing there in his pressed jeans and loafers, so he got up and walked off

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