Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Take on the futuristic bridge

Some dude decided that maybe it was time we started on that future we were promised as kids. He came up with his fantastic idea to build two Verrezano sized triple decker bridges that would span from NJ to Queens allowing the biggest much of bridge and tunnel dooshes to be able to have a natural mating path.
I can't tell you about the viability of this plan but the supposed timeline (60 months) seems more sensible that the expected timeline of digging a tunnel (60 years). It could be done relatively cheap ($20 billion) which would be have immediate funding for 75% of it and it would solve an immediate problem (suffocating congestion coming into the city for yours truly)

With all of the success of the highline, maybe there is something sort of pleasant about having the ability to walk above all the riffraffs on 34th street which is what the third deck in the triple decker would be used for. The second deck would be for buses which would alleviate congestion in the tunnel and allow people to.get off in midtown and the bottom deck would be for train lines with a stop in midtown sort of like that train thing at the Detroit airport.

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