Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Take on Trump's advisors

I guess the fact that Trump has listed some advisors is a good sign because up until last week he wavered between "hiring people who are great" and saying he would use himself as his main advisor, which in his world might actually be the same thing. Well this week he put together some kind of list which officially include Jeff "air drum" Sessions, Keith "don't call me Clark" Kellogg and Carter "Backstreet boy" Page and will likely also include Chris "two Twinkie" Christie, Ben "don't call me Johnny" Carson and Sarah Palin who doesn't even need a stupid nickname to sound...stupid.
But what was more shocking was that in addition to that stale box of donuts he is also apparently getting advice from the father from Webster, that dude couldn't figure out how to put Emmanuel Lewis' shoes on the right way and now he is going to be leading national security meetings....we are officially screwed

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