Monday, March 7, 2016

Take on the GOP delegate allocation

The more I stare at the primary schedule and delegate allocation the less sense it makes

Iowa has 30 delegates
New Hampshire has 23
South Carolina has 50

Without looking at population this seems about right, I'd guess that South Carolina has more people than Iowa and New Hampshire although I'd think the disparity would be greater than it the delegate count would indicate. There's so kind of weird formula which says that Kansas which is deep red gets more delegates per capita than say Rhode Island which are a bunch of frat boys with dirty white hats

Then I look at Texas and they get 155 delegates, makes sense as it is a huge state, Michigan gets 59 which seems low compared to Texas, Florida gets 99 but ok so far it seems like it makes sense. Then I see New York gets 95 and I am pretty sure they have a bigger population than Florida but I guess less republicans. I know there is some complicated allocation based on how "republican" the state is. I get that although having looked at the formula it makes his head spin

But still there are two issues

*how the hell do the Northern Marianna Islands get 9 delegates? I never even heard of them and they get more than half of what Vermont is allocated?? I am sure Vermont gets knocked down because they have a socialist senator but I am sure they have enough republicans to get them above a set of islands with six people on it.

* I cannot figure how the hell they decide which states are important. Nobody talks about North Carolina but they have 72 delegates to Ohio's 66 and Michigan's 59 and they vote in a week yet everybody has been speaking about those two states

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