Thursday, March 3, 2016

Take on the North Korean nuclear threat

Kim Jong Un is like the Jared Fogle of world leaders, every time you see him he gets fatter. Today he was quoted as saying that the North had to have their nuclear arsenal at the ready to thwart a chance of an Imperial American attack.
We get that this dude is a bit self conscious, there is literally no way that he can see his own d!ck without the use of a mirror and when he dose whip out the mirror he has to see that terrible haircut.

But it might be time to take out the tub of kimchee and I think I have the plan. We get some locals to arrange for a big outdoor cake feast, there's no way that Big Kim can pass up on cake and when he approaches the center cake, a couple of commandos jump out like that chick from Under Siege but instead of bazookas they got bazookas.

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