Saturday, March 19, 2016

Take on Schiphol

For years Schiphol was one of the best airports which is probably my like telling her she is the least fat out of her fat friends. But now, even Schiphol has put on 50lbs and it's favorite pair of pants doesn't fit anymore

They have been doing this crazy construction for what seems like two years and what was once an open pleasant airport is now a cluster of alleyways, corridors and lines..nothing but lines.
I literally spent forty minutes going through a passport check as I was transferring from one European inbound flight to another after I had already shown my passport in the first city and I had to show it again before boarding my flight again. And honestly that forty minutes I spent seemed reasonable considering the line looked like it grew a new ass after I was done with it

Plus I can't find the herring stand anymore

The airport is officially in Charles De Gaulle territory for me

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