Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Take on Ben Carson

And then there were four!!!

Sometime in the fall there was a moment when the world was Ben Carson's oyster....for those few minutes he was Howard Dean, The 9-9-9 guys, Deez Nutz and the Rent is too Damn High guy wrapped into one and there was some thought that he could be the knight in shining armor we've all hoped for. Sadly, Ben Carson unlike his brother Johnny, was not ready for prime time and his campaign is expected to end today with about as much excitement as, well, Ben Carson. Never has a man who knew more about one subject been incapable of a rational though on another. Ben Carson spent months complaining that not body was listening and then proceeded to bore everybody to tears when they did.
He apparently has magical hands and with an ability to dull his patients to sleep in his Good Night Moon voice, was able to operate on an entire country without anybody noticing.

I think it would be nice if we all went out and bought his book, or not, I really don't care

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