Sunday, March 20, 2016

Take on Obama's Cuban journey

It's not exactly Nixon going to China, but it is close.  Barack Obama became the first sitting president to visit Cuba maybe ever, a good next step towards normalized relations but the real takeaway we had was

how about a bit of chivalry!!!  Maybe hold that stupid umbrella over your wife's head instead of over your own..are you afraid to get a couple of drizzles on your crappy suit?  Maybe you are not a secret Muslim after all but instead you are a secret Korean woman???

But anyway, this is an unprecedented trip and your replacement will have to continue in this course if I have any hope to have a chance to vacation there myself.  So Chief maybe do us a solid a curry some favors with your replacement for us.  Since we don't know who it will be let's just cover all the basis

Bring her back a Cuban for Bill to celebrate when you win the election..

one of those green hats,

How about some info on beachfront property

the torture manual from Guantanamo,

Get him one of the thirteen state allowable allowable haircuts.  Oh wait,l what is that you say.. oh wrong communist country, oh well whatever he has no shot anyway

Thanks, just hoping we have the ability to blow our US dollars on the island and lastly if it is not too much trouble can you pick up a new second basement for the Yankees

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