Saturday, March 12, 2016

Take on Marco's truth

Marco Rubio has finally figured out what all of us have known forever..Donald Trump is a qualified to run this country as Donald Duck or Howard the Duck or one of the Duck Dynasty guys would be. It also marks the first time in his campaign, Marco stood for something which is nice as he is about to bow out permanently. We have said before that Marco has pulled a better Jeb! than Jeb! which is impressive when you consider how incompetent Jeb!'s campaign. Although to be fair Jeb! always got one thing right..the danger of Trump and unlike all his weak-kneed contemporaries, he was not afraid to say it.
But like his mentor did in Bush Country, Marco will fall to the mighty Trump in Marco-ville which would be a lot more fun if the "co" replaced with "garita" but instead we are stuck with watered down Jose Quervo mixed in lime juice

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