Monday, March 28, 2016

Take on the iPhone hack

For months the FBI and Apple have been battling over whether or not Apple has a responsibility to help the government break the encryption code of the San Bernardino terrorist and we've all watched. This was always a high stakes poker game which was never about that one phone but rather the reputation of the world's largest company in terms of security. I am sure Tim Cook would have happily provided the information for this one phone had they been able to be guaranteed secrecy but we all know how well secrets work and you have to know that Timmy does too. So instead this went on publicly and for weeks it looked like Apple had pocket aces with its refusal to allow for the breach. What this became was the greatest commercial Apple could have ever had as if played out over TV sets and newspapers with the tech company gambling it's reputation on unwavering privacy. What they gambled though was that although they would not provide it, nobody else could either and this was their fatal flaw. It doesn't matter how tight their ecosystem and encryption might be, there is always somebody somewhere who will make it his life's mission to break it and apparently they did. Now the once impenetrable fortress has a backdoor and it won't matter if it will get out or not, just confirming that there is one will send a thousand blood thirsty wolves on the trail and before you know it there will be a new trove of leaked celebrities nude pics

God Bless the USA

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