Friday, March 4, 2016

Take on the Detroit Debate

Another night, another debate and I'm not sure we're any better off having sat through that last night


Here are some takeaways

  • -           Trump is hung like a horse according to…. Trump

  • -          Rubio is hung like a pimple according to…. Trump

  •  -        Cruz had a tooth pop out of his mouth in the middle of the debate like he is some kind of meth addict

  • -          Kasich could really use some lifts in his shoes, never before has the adult in the room looked so small..even compared to Rubio

  •  -          Trump is moving very quickly to the center in preparation for the general election

  •  -          Rubio looked like Richard Nixon in that debate with Kennedy, he was a sweaty sick disgusting mess.   This country needs somebody great, not somebody who looks like they are about to puke.. he is disgusting

  •  -          Rubio's hairline has receded exponentially as the primary season has gone on.. You could literally project a movie on his forehead right now, not just any movie but an IMAX things

  •  -          Speaking of haircuts, Kasich probably gets his cut at the mall

  •  -          Trump doesn't need to get his cut

  •  -          Cruz probably uses one of those suction cup things and then puts the vacuum on little teddy.

  • -          Not exactly sure why Kasich mentioned that the Cleveland mayor was black.. is this the equivalent of telling people you are not a racist because you have a black friend?

  • -          Trump looked tired, even the great Trumponator seems like he has lost a little fire.. maybe he warmed himself up with Melanie before the night started, who knows but they always tell athletes to refrain from that before a big event

  • -             It was odd that after their last battle of the Alamo, Cruz and Rubio completely avoided each other, I don't recall a single interaction between the two

  •  -          Ben Carson really got no time at all, I don't even remember him speaking once

  •  -          Megyn Kelly has dirty fantasies about Trump and his comments about the size of his VP choice only got her more hot and bothered

  •  -          The Gotcha moment with Trump with his flipflops was very weak and he worked that beautifully..   I am sure that Roger Ailes has instructed the entire crew that they have ditched the Rubio wagon and are now all on the Trump express..

  •  -          Kasich really can't speak without his arms flailing around, you can see he tries to control it early on but at some point he is karate chopping all around him…

  •  -          Kasich will balance the budget, the first thing he could do if he ever did become president would get rid of the sign-language guy who hangs with the president and just karate chop his own way through it..

  •  -          I wonder if between Trump's Yoga ability and his incredible manhood if he could literally suck his own..Let's leave it at that..


Here is our prediction in Michigan

Trump  32%

Kasich  31%

Rubio   15%

Cruz      11%

Carson   8%

Barry Sanders  2%

Michael Moore 1%

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