Thursday, May 25, 2017

Take on Stockholm Syndrome

when Donald Trump showed up at the Vatican, all the talk was of Melania stroking her hair so she didn't have to touch his disgusting little hands..   The second part was the fact the Pope teased Trump for being a complete slob but the best thing was definitely the photo of Trump, Melania and Ivanka standing with the pope in what looked like the most somber photo for 3/4 of the bunch.   It's as if our president has no concept of the gravity of anything.   This is a guy who signed the Israeli's holocaust memorial book like he was signing a yearbook  "Hey buddy, good seeing you and have fun this summer, Don".   He's a guy who doesn't even realize that he's shoving his tiny foot in his gigantic mouth, so it's no shock that he has no idea when he should give the stupid smile..

anyway, when I saw the photo, all I could think of was  Abbey Road

the priest, the embalmed dead guy followed by the grieving family...  You only needed to add Spicer in the back with a shovel.  

then again Spicer, the only Catholic in the entire crew, was sent home early on this trip, missing the opportunity to finally meet the Pope.

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