Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Take on the political world we live in

We live in a world where FoxNews claims to be Fair and Balanced and people honestly believe it.  People will tell you it's the most trusted place for news while anybody with open eyes will blatantly see it's partisan mouthpiece  

We have an administration that openly tries to discredit The New York Times and The Washington Post as fake news, two of the most respected papers in our country.   This is a time when the National Review won't even back a republican president.  All the while our own president perpetuated "fake news" with the birtherism, inauguration crowd size, 3 million illegal votes, Obama tapping his wires etc    

The thing is that I have never in my life watched MSNBC and thought I was getting a balanced view, just today the news of the little "Trump giving highly classified information to the Ruskies" story sits below the fold on FoxNews.com.  That is a problem

This is what happens when you confuse journalism with entertainment   

Edward R Murrow is rolling over in his grave 

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