Saturday, May 13, 2017

Take on Sam Clovis

I don't know anything about Trump's new pick for top USDA scientist a position which deals deeply with agriculture and nutrition but when you look at the guy's resume (no experience in agriculture, science or nutrition), company he keeps (he is the one who introduced Trump to Carter Page) and triple chins, I'm not impressed. This is the guy who will be advising Trump on nutrition and looking at his own waistline, he'd likely suggest that Trump should be getting a third scoop of ice cream. Most people are expecting Trump to get impeached but at the rate he is putting on weight, he's not going to make it till The Fourth of July. He's getting fatter every single time you see him and those ill fitted suits only look him more blimp-like.
This is what happens when one obese president puts a similarly fat guy in charge of health, you have our country go into one simultaneous gigantic bout of cardiac areas

But if we're all gonna die anyway, I'll have a large fries with my double bacon cheeseburger deluxe and give a gigantic coke, too.

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