Saturday, May 27, 2017

Take on the latest Russian disclosures

Why is it always the Russians with these guys??

It's never the prime minister of Luxembourg or the ambassador or New Zealand they failed to disclose, it's always a phone call that starts with 011-7.

As the Trump Russian story gets deeper and deeper, the more obvious it is that nobody is that interested in Michael Flynn, the prize is a much bigger fish and the Feds are about to have a gigantic seafood cookout. It's been bantered about that Jared Kushner has been caught up in the Trump-Russian web for some time now but the release of the report that Kushner was trying to establish a backchannel with the Russians during the transition was more than a little troubling. It's not just that the likelihood of both Trump and Kushner being highly leveraged and indebted to the Russians, it's that all indications are their entire stories are yet to be told and it's unlikely trump didn't at least know about this on some passing level.

Flynn got axed for for not disclosing his contacts with the Russians, which is the grand scheme now is like not admitting you hooked up with a round chick in college one drunk night.

If Flynn hooked up with the round chick, Kushner was banging her daily, calling her at night to sneak into his room for a quick BJ and five hole tingling. And if Kushner was banging here daily, his Father in Law was gaining her call him a dirty pig, while having her tie him up, clamping his nips while shoving a red ball in his mouth and then taking the goldest shower this side of a Trump hotel.

There is no way that Kushner can keep his security clearance or his job

The first question I'd have for Jared is "who else did you fail to disclose that you met with on the forms?"

If the answer is nobody else, then why did you not disclose the Russian contacts?

If he answers with a list of others, then why did you lie on your forms, which is a felony by the way.

Either way he is toast.

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