Sunday, May 28, 2017

Take on the Home Run

Maybe Trump thought he was playing in a little league field and his flare into left field was actually cleared the fences. That can almost be the only fair description of what happened in Europe and the Middle East where our president embarrassed us in a way only he can. He danced like only an awkward 70 year old white man can, he pushed aside a head of state, he got bitch slapped by his wife twice, he angered his NATO counterparts, he signed a holocaust memorial as if it were a yearbook, he lectured his counterparts across the ponds as they rolled their eyes, he buttoned and unbuttoned his jacket a thousand times, he either did or did not wear translator headphones, he was too tired to do half of the stuff he was scheduled to do, forgot Justin Trudeau's name and generally acted like a dumb American So all-in-all, not bad for him which is like saying the kid who can't tie his own shoes did really well on his physics exam.
Trump is not lovable, he's not harmless and he's not smart but he is loud, obnoxious, self absorbed and tacky, in other words he has reinforced every American stereotype.

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