Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Take on the POTUS who eats the mostest

When Melania and Donald showed up in the Vatican today, all the eyes were in their hands but the pontiff was only concerned about his waist size. He asked Melania if she feeds him nothing but some kind of Slovenian dessert to which she answered in the affirmative. ( The thing about Trump is that he was a total load before getting into his current job but like Carmelo Anthony before him, he seems to be getting fatter as he season goes on. In the article it references a Dr. Oz segment where Trump admitted he could lose about 15pounds off of his 6'3" 236 pound frame. If Trump is 236 pounds, I'm Harry Truman. The dude is easily two and a half bills, likely pushing 275 at this point.
It's the reason that for being a self proclaimed billionaire, he shill dresses like he's wearing his dad's suit. He can't fit in anything that he claims to be able to get into. The guy has as much style as a houseplant and the intellectual curiosity to match

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