Thursday, May 11, 2017

Take on the Russian Oval Office meeting

Sometimes all you can do is laugh.
Our president fires the FBI director investigating his office, tells you it was done upon the recommendation of his AG and then two days later says it was actually based on his own decision. This is a president, in the mists of RussiaGate invites Sergey Lavrov into the Oval Office and we later find out that another Sergey, Sergey Kislyak also shows up. The same Sergey whose meetings with Flynn were his ultimate takedown. The Russians also sent out some photos of the event, an event where the American press was not present. This was a meeting which was apparently insisted upon by one Vladimir Putin

The chances of them having dropped a bug in the Oval Office has to be somewhere between 99.9999 and 100%, right? The only chance they didn't bug us is if they were picking up the bug that Flynn left there

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