Monday, May 22, 2017

Take on Melania

There is nothing more obvious that the Donald and Melania marriage is the biggest presidential sham since Bill and Hillary.  But unlike Bill and Hill, who at least tried to make it look real, the obvious disdain that Melania has for Donald is painful to watch.  The most obvious sign is that Trump goes to Florida every weekend to golf, I mean, work instead of heading back to NY to see his wife and kid.  The second sign is the fact that whenever she stands next to him, she's obviously blinking Morse code in Hungarian to try to get somebody to help her out of the gold digging  hole she found herself in.  
But if that wasn't obvious it was that when the Access Hollywood tapes came out, she didn't even seem pissed because she probably has a pool boy grabbing her pussy as much as he's grabbing it on the side.  There is no way she finds that tub of lard even remotely attractive, she already has the money and fame and I'd bet that you couldn't pay her to sleep with him again

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