Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Take on the dictator in chief

Our president holds dictators in higher regard than he does true democratically elected officials. He's got these weird infatuations with Putin with are well chronicled and you just know that in his heart he likes Assad and probably even has a soft spot for the soft round mound of goo in North Korea. But nothing exemplifies his love for dictators more than his love for Rodrigo Duterte who he invited to visit the White House even if the human right record reads like that of a mini Stalin. Today details of his call with Duterte were released including Trump praising him for his war on drugs aka killing people. I'm not so sure Chris Christie would appreciate that mentality being that he's the new addiction czar. Christie is a complete waste of human flesh but he does have a good sober view on addiction which Trump would be smart to listen to.
In the call Trump also called out Kim Jong Un as being a nutjob with nukes although he might have just been referring to himself there

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