Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Take on RussiaGate

The FoxNews headline screamed "James Comey Resigns" as if he had any say in his future.   Donald Trump, our Dear Leader, has taken it upon himself to purge the government of anybody who he sees as adversarial and seems to want to replace them with loyalists and we're being asked to accept it.  
What I'm sure of, is that there is an attempt to coverup something, what that something is, in not sure but assuming Trump isn't able to bring a psychopath like Rudy Giuliani to head the FBI, I assume we will find out who, what and where. We just will be left with a why
I can see Flynn getting corrupted but how does that single event spread across the entire TeamTrump.  I can see the outsiders individually being interested, Carter Page cut his teeth on deals between oil companies and mother Russia, so there is a connection there.  Rex Tillerson was the oil company.  Manafort has enough Eastern European skeletons to fill a Romanian morgue but how does it all tie together and who arranges it 
How does a career Washington guy like Jeff Sessions fall in line, how does his AG Rosenstein come along.   How do they recruit Chaffez and Nunes for cover.   What is it it for Giuliani to offer up an October surprise.  
But who was the architect from this side of the pond, how was everybody brought together and kept to stay quiet?  There must be something in it for all these guys and it can't just be a bottle of Vodka.  People who have been loyal servants to this country don't go rogue for nothing. People who have made a lot of money keeping the right wheels greased don't blow it up.  People who still have ambitions for further careers in Washington would not seem to be easy converts.   Roger Stone and Steve Bannon and Steve Miller are just crazy enough to want to blow it up but how do they stay quiet, nobody does anything unless there is something in it for them.  The Lufthansa heist had the fat guy with beard buying his girl a mink coat, Watergate had deep throat.  Somebody always trips up or cracks and the book that will be written on this time will seem unbelievable 

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