Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Take on The Best People

Trump told us during the campaign that he would fill the government with the best and brightest people. He might have a different definition for best and brightest as half the people he's brought in are under some kind of investigation.

But it's not just the people who are getting scrutinized for their shady shenanigans, it's the regular folk who are jumping ship.

There was word today that the shakeup at the White House has officially started and maybe, just maybe, it's not Trump who is firing people but people walking out on him. Mike Dubke the White House communication director was the first to jump ship saying his reasons are "personal" which using my magic decoder means that he doesn't want his career ended by a sinking boat the size of the Queen Mary.
Jason Chaffetz saw the writing on the wall a few weeks ago and he's out of his congressional spot (and possibly has some answers to give his former colleagues when they bring him back under some kind of investigation). Of course he lost Flynn, half of the people he wanted for FBI director have stepped aside, a bunch of other positions have had guys bow out as they couldn't show a clean record. Kushner is on the way out and will bring Ivanka with him. You know Sean Spicer is on Trump's wish list of guys he can fire and he might just do it to see the little rabbit squirm.

So he loses his communications director, can't find anybody who can actually get through confirmation hearings for half the roles, has not even nominated 75%! Of the position needing confirmation. Plus he hasn't filled half of his open positions in the legal departments, ambassadorships and under secretaries, and now he's losing the few people who he did have.

Time to call ZipRecruiter I guess.

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