Friday, May 26, 2017

Take on the $51000 jacket

All the rage in the blogosphere was over the fact that our First Lady showed up at some G7 event wearing a $51,000 jacket and the optics of that. I get that people will compare her jacket to the income of a middle class family and find the two numbers aren't very different (the average middle class family brings in less than $60k gross and this jacket is $51k before you add sales tax). We don't really care and don't think Trump voters will either. They have always seen Trump as some standard for them to try to achieve. The billions of dollars, the gold plated toilet seats, the penthouse apartment, the fake tan, the terrible suits, the tape on the back of the tie, so they won't care that Melania acts and dresses rich.
What I have an issue with is that the Dolce and Gabbana jacket looks like it was crocheted by a ten year old. It's got to be the ugliest $51,000 jacket I have never seen

Although to be fair, it was likely made by gold labor in Vietnam.

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