Saturday, May 20, 2017

Take on Assange

Julian Assange has the kind of infamy where everybody hates him. The liberals hate him, the conservative do, too. Libertarians should like him but are creeped out by him, the only ones that like him are Trumpettes but those are the same guy who park on their lawn and throw bud out cans out of their window. What he claims to stands for sounds heroic but when you realize that he's just a Putin stooge, it's unpatriotic bullshit.
This week Sweden dropped their rape case against him which will likely mean that Ecuador is sick of him stinking up their bathroom and clogging up their dial-up with donkey porn and want him out. But when we finally saw the soon to be free man, he was sporting the kind of mullet that would make Steve Perry proud. Maybe he's secretly Canadian.

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